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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Pick a shirt style and color, then decide what ink color would look great with your design. How many colors of ink do you want in your design? You can also get a variety of different shirts, styles, and colors with the same design! Once you’ve figured this out, contact us via text, voice, or email. Send us your design and we will work with you to get the best looking custom shirts at the best price.

I want a shirt that isn’t on your website

There are hundreds of options to choose from. Let us know what brand you are looking for and we will get it. If you don’t know the brand, but know what it looks like, we will put our detective hat on and figure it out.

I need help with my design!

Whether you have a idea in your head or a concept drawn out, we can work with it. We use vector design software to turn your design into print-ready artwork, or create one from scratch. Simple designs and artwork are complimentary! More complex or time-consuming designs could incur a design fee, but we’ll let you know before working on it. Please note that by sending us a design, you are acknowledging that you have sufficient copyrights to use the design in shirt production. We cannot use copy written or trademarked material!

How long will it take to get my shirts?

Usually 2 weeks once we receive your order. If you need them faster, we can usually accommodate your schedule for an expedited production fee.

Where areas of the shirt can I put my design on?

Shirts can be printed front or back. The most cost-effective shirts will have one color ink printed on one side of the shirt. You could do a full size design on the back, with a smaller “pocket” size design on the front. Another option is a full-size design on the front and another on the back. The shirt is your canvas and most anything goes!

What kind of shirts to you recommend?
  • Gildan is our most popular brand of shirts. They are the industry leaders in apparel and they offer a large color selection. Most shirt styles, colors, and sizes are easily available in large quantities so we can get your order delivered on time.
  • Jerzees is also a very popular brand and we highly recommend them. For a more premium shirt selection we recommend
  • Bella+Canvas shirts, which are available in dozens of special styles and colors.
What's the difference between 100% cotton vs 50/50 Blends T-Shirts?

Some people like the feel of 100% cotton, others prefer the 50/50 blends. They are equally great quality shirts and we offer both styles for the same price. The best way to figure what you like is to look in your closet! Your favorite tees will probably be an assortment of both cotton and blends. Feel the difference and decide what you like!